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Joint Future Information and Resources

UNISON stewards from Social Work and Housing have been in discussion with NHS stewards and management about Joint Future. Below are key documents from the discussions so far:-

Most of the documents below are in Rich Text Format (rtf) which can be read in Microsoft Word and most other word processing applications . You can open them and print them or save them to your computer for future reference.


What is Joint Future?

Joint Future involves Health staff and Social Work staff - nurses, health visitors, social workers, care managers, occupational therapists, and other allied health professionals - working together more closely than ever before.

The involvement of Housing and Voluntary Sector staff will also be a key element of this joint endeavour.

Joint Future is the 'future' because it is not optional, being a directive from the Scottish Executive which has to be 'up and running', initially for services for older people, by April 2003.

Joint Future is about developing an integrated health and social care service, built around teams of health and social work staff, led on a day-to-day basis by a single team co-ordinator, working in local areas of the City, and sharing the same premises, equipment and budgets.

A key element will be a Single Shared Assessment form, which will be used by staff from all agencies, and which will mean that people in need of care in the community will be asked to give basic information about themselves once only, instead of repeatedly to a variety of workers.

Joint Future brings many challenges for intergarted services but also major issues for staff conditions and professional identity.



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