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Date: 20 December 2007


Click here for a pdf version of the leaflet

UNISON members who work in Social Care will leaflet in Edinburgh's Princes Street on Saturday 22 December to start the public campaign against the council's cuts in services for the elderly and disabled.

"These cuts attack the services and resources available to help the frail and disabled to remain in their own homes with dignity. Every cut means the loss or reduction of a service. As council social care workers we see the direct effect of these cuts on the people we serve", said George Lee, UNISON Edinburgh Branch Secretary.

"That is why we are now asking the public to join in our campaign to tell the politicians we will not stand by and accept these cuts now, nor will we accept the additional cuts planned for next year".

UNISON says the cuts so far involve:

Care at home/domiciliary care is restricted to those who meet critical criteria and for hospital discharge. Once seen as not to be 'critical' the service will be withdrawn.

Only one hot meal per day, a frozen meal, 30 mins allocated Increasing charges for services

A new Care Home built by the department is now run by a private care company Withdrawal of the shopping service

The use of short 30 minute and 15 minute visits to be maximised. Less time for care.

Restrictions for Care Home placements

A general rundown of the Home Care services and more going out to private agencies.

"Since these cuts have been implemented, staff are under even more pressure to provide a service which is rushed, leaving service-users with less choice and a service that only maintains a basic level of care. That is unacceptable in this day and age", added Mr Lee.


NOTE FOR EDITORS: Social Care staff will leaflet on Saturday 22 December 2007 at the east end of Princes Street outside Register House.







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