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Date: Thursday 4 September 2008

Edinburgh's social work managers call for action against 'unsafe' cuts

A packed meeting of UNISON members who manage front-line child protection services in Edinburgh last night (Wed 3 Sept) has unanimously called on their union to suspend talks with the council and mount action against cuts announced last week by the council.

The managers slammed the council's consultation as a sham and warned that the cuts would be 'unsafe' for children and for the social workers working with them.

"Management will say they have consulted staff but I challenge them to identify how the views of people with a collective experience of over 400 years in social work - with all the knowledge and skills that go with that - have been really taken into account", said Tom Connolly, UNISON Edinburgh Service Conditions Officer.

"When a message like this comes from the key front-line managers whose responsibility it is to ensure safety for children, the council must sit up and take notice. It is now time for the council to drop the 'spin' and really listen to these staff.

"They were absolutely clear that, behind the public message that the reorganisation would improve services, the stark reality was that it was a plain and simple cut which would reduce staff, dangerously increase workloads and take away the crucial access for front line staff to expert guidance and assistance in supporting the most vulnerable children", added Mr Connolly.

The union has now called a meeting of all front-line children's social work services for Monday 8 September 2008 where it will report back on options for action and seek a further mandate for its members.


Note for editors: The City of Edinburgh's Education Children and Families Committee has agreed cuts that will mean that 73 per cent reduction in social work professional front-line and middle managers. Alongside this cut and with no additional staff, the committee demanded that around 180 children who do not have a social worker due to lack of resources, should now be allocated a social worker.

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