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30 November 2008

Branch thanks members as council set to pay out back money before Christmas

The City of Edinburgh Council has announced that it will pay the 3% pay rise for this year before Christmas (including back money). Despite the fact that there is, as yet, no national agreement with the unions, it appears CoSLA is supporting the payments.

The Unite and GMB unions rejected the offer earlier this month while UNISON members voted narrowly to accept. Even though UNISON represents most members across Scotland, we cannot 'outvote' the other two unions because of the constitution of the national negotiating body. So the dispute remains technically unresolved.

"Our understanding is that Unite and GMB have still to make their position clear but, in the absence of any clear strategy as to what action they have in mind, it would be wrong to delay our members getting their money before Christmas - especially in the current financial situation", said John Stevenson, Branch President.

"UNISON was always clear that substantial additional action would be needed to get any more out of the councils. It was our view that rejecting with no plan to escalate was a non-starter. We were honest with members about that and they made their views known in the ballot", he added.

"Of course we have concerns that the bargaining machinery is being side-stepped by some councils in paying up now. That is something the unions and the employers are now going to have to take a hard look at. UNISON will start the process of reviewing the campaign later this week."


John added, "Members showed great resolve in the two days of strike action. We know the ballot presented a difficult decision for people but be in no doubt that this pay rise would not have been won without your action.

"We must remember that, without the action, we would have been tied to a three-year deal of only 2.5% a year - or latterly to 2.5% this year instead of the 3% that has been won.

"UNISON members in Edinburgh were magnificent during the action - especially through the torrential rain on the first strike day. They can be proud of what they achieved."

Recruit new members

"The only bit that always makes you angry is that they won the pay rise for themselves and also for the minority who are not in the union or who didn't take the action. Our members have the moral high ground and this must be built on as we move into the final stages of Single Status.

"The best way to do that is to get the non-members in your area to join the union. Remind them that only union members get to vote!", added John.


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