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14 September 2010


STV John Stevenson

UNISON, the union representing most Council workers in Edinburgh has slammed cuts to be announced by the City Council as 'savage and unnecessary'.

The union has also criticised the release of details to the press before unions and the workers whose jobs are affected are told.

"The Council may try to delay giving the details of the cuts to their own staff unions, but the sheer size of the sums involved must mean the loss of entire services for the people of Edinburgh and potentially thousands of jobs - jobs that Edinburgh's economy relies on", warned John Stevenson, Edinburgh UNISON President.

The union says that the effect will also be felt across the private sector in the city.

"Research shows that for every job that goes in the public sector, at least one is also lost in the private sector. Even the International Monetary Fund is warning against cuts because they are grinding the economy to a halt. The last three months have seen the worst trade gap on record - and yet the politicians are persisting with cuts", added John Stevenson.

"Instead of presiding over cuts that will slash the essential services people rely on and the jobs that keep Edinburgh's economy ticking over, the Council administration would be better challenging their friends in the coalition at Westminster to stop this folly.

"The deficit was at least three times higher after World War II and we built the NHS and the Welfare State. These cuts are pure anti-public service ideology, they are savage and unnecessary and have nothing to do with the economy".

In a letter to the Chief Executive today, Joint Union Secretary Kevin Duguid said, "I write on behalf of the Trades Union Side to express our concern that yet again the demands of the press are put before the right of Council Staff and their Trades Unions to be properly briefed on proposals that may have a devastating impact on their employment."


Note for editors: The body of evidence from experts is building up to show that cuts in public services will deepen the recession and affect the poorest worse.

There is a better way - STUC: http://www.thereisabetterway.org/top-myths-about-the-crisis

What the economists say: http://unisoneastmids.blogspot.com/2010/09/what-economists-say.html

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