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16 April 2011

Edinburgh Branch motions passed by UNISON Scottish Council

Three motions from UNISON City of Edinburgh Branch were passed by UNISON's Scottish Council of branches on 16 April. The Stop the Cuts motion from the AGM was passed with an amendment to ensure it was consitutional and Scottish Council will affilate to Unite Against Fascism. both moved by Duncan Smith

Our motion on 26 March: What next? was moved by John Stevenson and passed overwhelmingly. See below....

26 March: What next?

Scottish Council congratulates the 500,000 trade unionists, community groups, pensioners and others who joined the massive demonstration in London on 26 March.

It recognises in particular the thousands who travelled from Scotland in some cases under difficult circumstances.

While congratulating the excellent UNISON organisation that contributed to the success of such a memorable day, Scottish Council believes that this must be just the start of an escalating campaign to defend our services, jobs and welfare state.

Such action should involve industrial action where possible, further demonstrations and events and co-ordinated campaigning and political lobbying.

We now need to capitalise on the strengths of the demonstration in London which were:

- a massive affirmation of majority support for our campaign

- the new confidence that such an event brings to participants to take forward their individual campaigns

- the experience of collectivism and solidarity that will encourage people to take a fuller part in campaigns and action.

Scottish Council recognises that direct action has had a part to play in struggles over the years, sometimes significantly, and it notes that some events like those organised by UK Uncut have helped expose the rich institutions that parasitically avoid paying their fair share in society.

However, Scottish Council believes the actions of some groups on 26 March detracted in the media - if not on the ground - from the overall impact of the demonstration. While the media can be blamed for its focus, the groups concerned would have been well aware of the media agenda and as such their actions showed at best a lack of respect for the broad solidarity (and potentially safety) of the 500,000 who marched to get a message across - and at worst could risk undermining participation in future broad-based events.

This meeting calls on the Scottish Committee, in conjunction with service groups, to progress our campaign with the maximum unity and the broadest appeal to our members and the people who rely on the services they provide.

We reiterate our call for UNISON Scotland to investigate with the STUC ways of bringing together civic society for further joint demonstrations and trade unions for joint industrial action where legally possible - in line with trade unions' respective rules and constitutions - to take the campaign forward.

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