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Pay Claim 2008 Consultation

Have your say on Pay 2008

Read the following information and complete the FORM BELOW to register your view.

UNISON, GMB & UNITE (T&G) are recommending to all members that you REJECT this offer and campaign for an improved offer. To achieve this it may require significant industrial action on your part. The branch will be arranging consultation meetings, briefings and this web consultation between 21 April - 9 May.

What is the offer?

It's a 3 year offer from 1 April 2008 till 31 March 2011 and is worth 2.5% in each year.

Why are the Joint Trade Unions recommending rejection?

We believe that it is a poor offer. Our claim was for a single year deal, £1000 or 5% whichever is the greater plus additional annual leave and public holiday entitlements. The offer falls far short of our claim.

We also believe that it is not in your best interests to sign up to a 3 year deal at this stage. Especially when there is no opportunity to reopen negotiations during the 3 years.

Inflation is continuing to rise. Longer term forecasts would suggest that by 2010 inflation will still be higher than 2.5% and there is growing uncertainty given the current economic climate.

What does 2.5% mean to me now and in 2010?.

Someone on SCP 3 with a current hourly rate of £5.99 stands to gain the princely sum of 0.46p after three years. If any evidence was needed this highlights the fact that we have a low pay issue within local government and its about time the employers realised this.

Hourly Rate

Now 1 April 2008 1 April 2009 1 April 2010
£5.99 £6.14 £6.29 £6.45
£6.74 £6.91 £7.08 £7.25
£7.83 £8.03 £8.23 £8.43
£8.95 £9.17 £9.40 £9.64

How does this compare with inflation?

Local Government workers' pay awards have consistently been below inflation (RPI) since 2005. Inflation currently sits at 4.1% and while it is predicted that this figure will fall it is expected to still be above 3.5%, considerably higher than the employers offer.

Date Inflation (RPI) Pay Award
April 2005 3.2% 2.5%
April 2006 2.6% 2.5%
April 2007 4.5% 2.5%
April 2008 4.1% 2.5% offered

Pay Consultation Form

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  • 2.5% on all spinal column points, on all scales, with effect from 1 April, 2008
  • 2.5% on all spinal column points, on all scales, with effect from 1 April, 2009
  • 2.5% on all spinal column points, on all scales, with effect from 1 April, 2010
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