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Single Status/'Modernising Pay'

Joint staff update from the City of Edinburgh Council, UNISON and Unite the Union

5 March 2010: Some of you may have seen the communication dated 1 March that the GMB Union has sent to its members in the Council along with a consultative ballot paper.

As there are significant factual inaccuracies within the GMB's communication the Council, Unison and Unite the Union have decided that it is necessary to take the unusual step of issuing this joint Modernising Pay update to all Council staff to confirm the following key facts:

Consultation: since 5 January both the Council and the trades unions have been engaged in the statutory consultation process. We have always stressed that these talks will last a minimum of 90 days. They are progressing and we are continuing to try and reach agreement. There was never a suggestion that 'imposition' would follow immediately after this minimum 90-day period, and we can therefore state categorically that imposition will not happen on 5 April as stated on the GMB consultative ballot paper.

The proposals: no final proposals will emerge until the talks have ended, and so any ballot conducted at this early stage is premature. Indeed, the GMB consultative ballot is on the package of proposals that was circulated to you in July 2009, and which is currently under joint negotiation during this statutory consultation period.

Appeals process: the package we are consulting on contains an appeals process which has already been agreed by both the Council and the trades unions and is regarded as a very positive aspect of the package. The GMB communication suggests otherwise, despite the fact that the GMB were party to having agreed it previously. We will let you know about the appeals process nearer to implementation.

Finally, you should know that, although the GMB have withdrawn temporarily from the talks until their ballot is concluded, Unison, Unite and the Council will continue to engage in the statutory consultation process in line with the agreed schedule of meetings.

Stephen McGregor
Convener Unite
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Kevin Duguid
Service Conditions
Coordinator UNISON

Philip Barr
Head of HR The City of Edinburgh Council

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