April 1998 No 16


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* Redundancies down but jobs still at risk

* 350 jobs reprieved after school meals re-think (Jannies against Sannies)

* Trust backs off as UNISON stands firm

* Pay: Settling for 3%?

* NEC elections - Use your vote

* Scottish employers set to dump national bargaining

* Libraries protection agreed - but now it's a fight to protect job share and part time workers

* Edinburgh success in Scottish elections

*CONFERENCE DELEGATES More manual women needed

* Upheaval looms as we make way for Parliament

* Benefits chaos - but don't tell the public

* SOCIAL WORK Dealing with 'old allegations'

* A letter from Cuba

* Violence and bullying advice

* UNISON demands fairness for displaced staff

* Service at risk as Recreation reviewed

* Attack on time off for union duties

*On the negotiating line

* Branch office move imminent

* Print review demands

* Janitorial review stalled

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