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August 2000 No 32 Pay Special

 Show them we mean business on the 29th
Call a workplace meeting now! Branch Officers will attend to answer questions. Call 0131 220 5655
 * What you need to know...  

  * Picketing and Communication

* Schools warned  * Keep in touch
 * The Claim  * Is the person next to you a member?
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Show them we mean business on the 29th

The best way to bring this dispute to a speedy conclusion is to show we mean business on the 29th.

The first strike day will be crucial in showing the employers how strongly people feel about the insulting 2.5% pay offer.

The employers are due to meet in the week of 11 September and they have to go into that meeting knowing that they have to respond to our action.

Having decided to take action, we must now deliver. It is every member's job to make the action as solid as possible in every workplace.

Everyone will benefit from whatever we win. It is not too much to ask that they take part in the fight.

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Picketing and Communication
Every workplace should have some level of picket. The purpose of picketing is to:

  • peacefully persuade UNISON members to honour the strike
  • gather information from each workplace and feed this into the office
  • show the public what we are doing and explain why

To help you, two leaflets have been produced, one for the public and one for anyone who might be thinking of going into work.

Leaflets, Official Picket Placards and Armbands
Will be available from the branch office for stewards to collect from Friday 25 August

Your main contact is the branch office on 220 5655. There are a number of lines but please be patient.

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What you need to know...

When are we on strike?
The strike will run from 6am to 10pm on Tuesday 29 August.

When is the next action?
The next two days are likely to be in the week beginning 11 September. This is yet to be confirmed and it is to allow the employers to respond with a better offer. Details of the next three will follow.

Strike Pay
Strike pay at £12.50 a day is payable after you have been on strike three days. It is then backdated to the first day (ie £75 for the six days).

Hardship Fund
The branch hardship fund is made up of existing money, donations from exempted members and a voluntary levy. It will meet at the end of September when the first deductions will come off pay. Forms are available from the office or your steward. Payments will be made immediately funds are available and we will not wait until the end of the strike.

Who is exempt?
Members are only exempt if approved by the Strike Committee. These include people in last year of service, pregnant members and approved life and limb cover. Examples include homes for older people, crossing guides and burial services.

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Keep in touch

From 11.00am, pickets should gather oustside the City Chambers for a briefing on how things have gone.
There will be a demonstration in Glasgow on the 29th and a bus is being arranged. Details will go to stewards

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Schools warned

UNISON has tried to ensure that parents are aware that schools will be affected. We do not want children put at risk but we cannot be blamed if the council persists in trying to open schools. We have exempted crossing guides just in case.

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The Claim

Our claim is for 5% or £500 and a £5 minimum hourly rate.

It is reasonable and the employers can afford it.

The 2.5% offer is less than inflation, less than other public service rises, less than Local Government in England and only half of the going rate across the country.

For six of the last seven years we have had pay deals less than inflation. It is 11 years since we went on strike over pay.

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Is the person next to you a member?

The successes on this page are just some of reasons why everyone at your workplace should be in UNISON.

The union is only as strong as its members - our ability to protect you depends on how many members we have.

Give this to a colleague who isn't in the union. And remind them about who negotiated the procedures that protect them in the workplace.

Ask them whether they would have got any pay rises without the union?

Remind them about...

  • representation in grievances, gradings, disciplinaries, health & safety
  • free legal help on work issues and free or cheaper advice on many others
  • mortgage discounts
  • 20% off car breakdown cover
  • holiday and insurance deals and much more

Phone 0131 220 5655 to join. You can also join by clicking here.

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 Free Internet with UNISON

Phone 0870 9009090 for your free unisonfree.net CD now. Quoting membership no.

UNISON is the first union to give free internet access to its members through unisonfree.net.

Free access, free email address, free web space to start your own site. It is for members only and you will need your membership number (contact 220 5655 if you've lost yours),

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Voluntary Sector Pay Crisis

Many voluntary sector members have had no pay rise for some years and most are falling behind public sector staff. Voluntary organisations are being forced into cuts.

In an article for the next UNISONNews, Sylvia Crick calls on the council to fulfil its responsibilities to the organisations it funds.

Sylvia says voluntary sector members "will support your fight in whatever way we can. We would appreciate your support over our fight too!".

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About UNISONNews

The views expressed in UNISON News are not necessarily those of UNISON City of Edinburgh Branch or the union.

All articles/comments to John Stevenson, Communications Officer at 0131 220 5655: email

P&P by UNISON City of Edinburgh Local Government & Related Sectors Branch, 23 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EN

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