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Branch gears up for action against £10million in cuts
As this issue goes to print, we are in the run up to an Emergency Branch Meeting called to tackle the problems of at least £10m in spending cuts in the City of Edinburgh Council.

Pressure brings re-think on job evaluation chaos
Despite the urgent need for a fair and transparent grading system, the council now says it will not be implemented until July 2008.

Pensions ballot by Christmas with progress on new scheme
Pension talks are still going on but it is hoped to move to a ballot later in the year.

Brakes put on redundancies at Usher Hall
Following hard negotiation and an overwhelming 'yes' vote in a ballot, the threat of redundancies has been lifted at the Usher Hall.

Consultation starts on 2008 pay claim
UNISON Scotland's Local Government Committee has now issued timescales for their Pay Consultation talks for the creation of a pay claim linked to 1 April 2008.

Equal pay campaign gains momentum
The delay in getting job evaluation up and running will affect members who are pursuing equal pay claims against the Council. Many members will have 'secondary' claims over and above their existing claim.

Changes to conditions
The delay in the Pay and Grading negotiations will result in discussions on overtime rates, shift allowances, and so on, is being delayed along with the new pay and grading structure.

Local income tax jobs concern
The obvious impact of a local income tax (actually a national one under SNP plans) would be in the council's Revenue and Benefits Sector and the Lothian Valuation Joint Board where it would be highly likely to result in redundancies. But there are more effects on jobs and services from a £750 million hole in finances.

In Brief
Forth Road Bridge, Colleges, Overtime, Regrading rights, District Court move.

Edinburgh housing victory leads the way
The rejection by Edinburgh council house tenants of housing stock transfer is having an effect on changing national housing policy.

Building the 'green' workplace
The rejection by Edinburgh council house tenants of housing stock transfer is having an effect on changing national housing policy.



Edinburgh's major profile at UNISON Conferences
Edinburgh had a key role on many issues at this year's National and Local Government Conferences and these are covered here. More details on all the major debates are on the UNISON Scotland and UNISON UK websites.

Asylum guidance for social work staff across UK
Local Government Conference backed Scotland's call for guidance for UNISON members across the UK who work with asylum seekers, based on the Scottish guide, "child's welfare paramount?"

Shared services jobs warning
The temptation to see shared services - where councils or other organisations join up to provide local service - as the solution to all funding problems was slammed by the Local Government Conference.

Conference backs Edinburgh call to campaign for 'Access to Work'
Conference threw its weight behind the Access to Work scheme for disabled people. With Edinburgh's amendment, it pledged to campaign against the privatisation of employment services which would have a serious detrimental impact on disabled people.

Trident threat to peace - and public services
UNISON's National Conference backed Edinbugh's motion to reaffirm the union's campaign to oppose Trident replacement, warning that the billions of pounds it would cost to replace the missile would mean huge cuts in public services.

No change to subs as Edinburgh raises overtime problem
Conference rejected a rule change that would have changed subscription rates just a few years after they were last reviewed.

UNISON says no to EU privatisation threat
Edinburgh had a major input to the debate as the union agreed a campaign amongst members against any attempts to revive the EU constitution and pledged to fight attempts to privatise health and social services.



If you are a council employee you get a discount at Blindcraft! and UNISON are currently in discussion on a discount scheme for our members - so do support this community based organisation and buy your bed from them!

A little known benefit
Steve McDonald gives the low down on Disability Living Allowance.

Community & voluntary sector
The branch are in discussion with UNISON Scotland on how they can help in revitalising organisation in the community & voluntary sector.


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