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February 2001 No 39 Pay Special

New 'inflation proof' pay offer to go to ballot


What the offer means

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How did we get here?


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New 'inflation proof' pay offer to go to ballot

The five months industrial action by UNISON members has brought a new four year offer which brings improvements, some extra benefits for the lower paid and an 'inflation proofing' formula.

UNISON has not yet decided whether to recommend acceptance or rejection of the offer. Branches will be consulting on this throughout this week.

Whatever happens, every member will get a vote in a ballot on whether to accept or reject the offer.

We only got this far after five hard months of industrial action. If we reject this offer, we have to be prepared for a higher and sustained level of strike action to achieve any change.

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What the offer means

The offer is across four years with five main elements.

2000/2004 average rise of 14.1%
Average increase of 14.1% (from 16.37% to lower paid to 11.29% for highest)

2000/2001 up to 6.5%
The current 6.1% offer would increase to 6.5% by bringing forward the 2002 pay date to 1 March.

Flat rate and £5.03 minimum wage from 2002
£500 flat rate 1 March 2002 - breaks the £5 minimum wage barrier with the lowest paid getting £5.03 an hour. Will mean up to 7% on lowest wage, 3.5% - 5% in middle of range and 2.5% on £20,000.

4% from 1 April 2003
A 4% rise from 1 April 2003 with next settlement date at 1 April 2004.

Inflation proofing
First ever inflation proofing with talks re-opened at any point if underlying inflation comes within 0.25% of the annual settlement.

 Dates of implementation   1.4.00  1.10.00  1.2.01  1.3.02  1.4.03  Total %
 Increases offered  2%  1%  3%  £500  4%  14.1%
 Pay points            
 £8,652 (scp 3)  8,826   8,913  9,180  9,680  10,067   16.37%
 £11,115(scp10) 11,337    11,451  11,796  12,296 12,788   15.05%
 £14,028(scp20)   14,310 14,454   14,889  15,389  16,005   14.09%
 £21,636(scp34)  22,068  22,290  22,959  23,459  24,397  12.76%
 £55,329(scp73) 56,436   57,000  58,710 59,210  61,578    11.29%

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How did we get here?

Summer 2000: Employers offer 2.5%. UNISON and the other unions reject this and go to ballot. UNISON members vote for strike action. The other unions did not and effectively accepted the 2.5%.

Late Summer 2000: Employers make an offer that really means the 2.5% is the same but is paid differently. Branches decide (on split vote) on series of one day strikes instead of 1, 2, 3 day plan.

August 29: UNISON first one day strike.

September 20: UNISON second one day strike. Scottish Executive announces new three year funding for councils.

The next offer: CoSLA offers 6.1% over two years with no re-opener clause to deal with inflation.

Ballot rejection: Members decisively reject this offer and action escalates.The other unions want to implement the offer won by UNISON and seize up negotiations.

ACAS is called in. No mediation possible because other unions want to settle.

November 1: First phase of indefinite strike action by groups of UNISON members throughout Scotland.

November 20: Second phase of indefinite action (now 1300 members across Scotland) backed up by one day strike.

December: Employers decide to impose offer. Last minute breakthrough means employers now talk to UNISON alone. Escalation of strikes suspended pending talks. Talks break down partly due to other unions.

January 2001: UNISON wins a 'protocol' for new talks which guarantees some improvements. Indefinite action suspended for two weeks to allow negotiation.

January 31 2001: New offer made.

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Phone 0131 220 5655 to join. You can also join by clicking here.

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