July 1998 No 18


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* Branch News *

* Facing up to 'Best Value'

* Partnership for 'New Deal'

* Private Finance Initiative will sell off schools and the staff

* Edinburgh demands new deal not raw deal (Conference Report)

* UNISONNews wins again

* Sport and leisure pay disaster

* Theatre trust set to attack conditions

* Early retirement changes

* Historic age of consent decision

* Pride Scotland

* You said it, but now it's mine and you cannae see it!

* Relocation

* On the Negotiating Line Overtime above AP4

Car Purchase

Sickness Absence

* Rumours abound in Housing - (so what's new?)

* A day in the life: A run through the diary of John Ross, branch APT&C convener, on a not too untypical day.:

* About UNISONNews


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* What is National Conference?

* Edinburgh demands new deal not raw deal

* A view from a first time delegate

* Edinburgh adds bite to economy motion

* Council finance review needed urgently

* What about Best Value for Private Finance?

* Right to organise but no cash for 'outside groups'

* Conference fails to grasp harassment nettle

* Gearing up for minimum wage demonstration

Proud of UNISON's role in peace process

* Fighting stress and illness at work

* Yes to real Best Value: No to privatisation

* Days of action against funding cuts

* Fairness at work: Fight for basic rights

* In Brief: Welfare benefits/ Single Status spouse only clause.

NOTE: Some stories and the basis of others not involving the branch or Scottish Region, come from UNISONfocus, the national activists bulletin.



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