March 1999 No 23


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* Budget brings breathing space for jobs

* 255 jobs filled, yet fight on to save 33 at risk

* Retrospection appeal victory for Housing

* AGM slams catering

* Disabled members group set up

* Revenue benefits call for action ballot

* Garden Aid sell-off forces seasonal jobs

* Education driving ahead with PFI

* Harassment group wants your views

* Branch launches talks on 'Fairness at Work'

* Voluntary Sector Tribunal Victory

* Conference backs call for better carers allowance

* Bank demo against bigotry

* Serving Scotland campaign

* Paying for Scotland's Public Services

* Campaign for a Living Wage- April 10

* Council acts on Edinburgh Inquiry

* Morag takes the helm alone

* Bickerstaffe slams PFI

* Best value draft out for views

* Back to drawing board on jannie's deal

* On the Negotiating Line..

- Work on new agreements

* Bert Laver; the loss of a gentleman

* About UNISONNews

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