November 1998 No 20

Catering & Cleaning Special

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* Catering to shed 90 jobs

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Catering to shed 90 jobs

Catering is set to lose 90 jobs and Cleaning faces a drive for voluntary redeployment, voluntary severance and early retirement as the council's budget cuts begin to bite.

Catering staff face the loss of 90 posts. Although the actual number of hours being lost is not yet clear. people from 12.5 hours to full time 35 hours will be affected.

Why is this happening?

The contract price has been cut.

That means the job that both Catering and Cleaning do has been changed by the council. Because of this, less hours are needed in some areas and less staff are expected to do more in others.

In Catering, the main reason is that the council has stopped the school meals subsidy

Who will be affected?

In Catering the jobs will include cooks, APT&C, supervisory and management.

How do they plan to lose the jobs?

Staff in both Catering and Cleaning will face the following:

Cutting hours?

Voluntary arrangements for changing jobs and hours to avoid redundancies have been in place since early in the year.

These arrangements are VOLUNTARY and members should not be being forced into any changes, Contact your UNISON rep if you are being put under any pressure


If you have any concerns about this or anything else in this bulletin contact the UNISON office at:
23 George IV Bridge
Tel 220 5655

Please note the new address and telephone number.
(The new office is above the Elephant House cafe about 30 yards from the Greyfriars Bobby statue)




90 jobs to go. Staff face voluntary redeployment severance or early retirement.


Contract cuts mean staff also face voluntary moves to other jobs, voluntary severance or early retirement.


The council budget in April stopped the school meals subsidy and cut other contract prices.


These measures are voluntary. Don't be forced into anything. Contact the UNISON office for advice




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All articles/comments to John Stevenson, Communications Officer at 0131 220 5655

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