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October 2000 No 35 Pay Special

 All out on 16 November to back up selective action

Call a workplace meeting now! Branch Officers will attend to answer questions. Call 0131 220 5655
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  * It's not too late to stop disruption

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All out on 16 November to back up selective action

  • Pay offer rejected by 2-1 in Scotland and 5-1 in Edinburgh
  • Selective action starts around 1 November
  • Edinburgh UNISON calls on council to use its influence for a solution

The next strike day for all members will be 16 November to back up members who will start selective indefinite strikes from around 31 October/ 1 November.

This follows a massive rejection of the employers' two year deal of about 3% a year. In Edinburgh 83% of those voting rejected the offer on a 55% turnout. Across Scotland 68% voted to reject.

The selective action will involve about 80 members in Edinburgh and ten times that across the country. These members will be on strike with full take home pay and superannuation paid by UNISON.

Joe Di Paola, UNISON Scottish Organiser for Local Government, said,

"UNISON members are angry and frustrated. The new offer which....
- shows no evidence of new money being used,
- does nothing for the lower paid,
- goes no way to compensate for previous below-inflation pay awards.

"The idea of being locked into a two year deal was also rejected as a hostage to fortune.

"We would hope that Scottish Councils will take note of the huge majority of their staff who have voted for rejection of this offer and will, even at this late stage, look at using some of the money they have for next year to give their staff a fair pay deal this year."

Dougie Black, UNISON Edinburgh branch secretary and national negotiator said,

"The employers must take notice of their staff's strength of feeling. They have underestimated it all along and it is now time to come forward with a decent offer.

"As Scotland's capital, Edinburgh should be playing a key role in CoSLA. We urge councillors to play that role and exert pressure to come up with a better and fairer deal to avoid further disruption and to keep faith with their staff".

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It's not too late to stop disruption

John Stevenson (vice chair) urges Councils to settle before action escalates

UNISON members acting together have given local government workers self-respect for the first time in years. It has forced a new offer but also exposed the employers' woeful lack of understanding.

The Councils' approach has turned a narrow strike vote in August into a huge vote to continue the action.

Hopefully they will draw back from their ill-advised threats made in the press and start to seek a settlement, rather than doing even more to unite their staff against them.

They had it in their hands to make a sensible offer before the first ballot and must have known we could not accept the 2.5% insult.

Or are we seeing employers so out of touch that they carried on making an offer that anyone could see the holes in?

Did they think we couldn't divide 6% by two and come up with 3% a year, just 0.5% above their first offer?

Did they think we could not spot the savings they've made this year and work out they're not bringing forward new money from next?

They have a chance now to solve this dispute by making a constructive offer immediately. The longer they dally, the more they'll dig a hole for themselves and for local government.

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Why we rejected

  • There is no evidence they've used the new money from the Scottish Executive
  • The offer does nothing for the low paid and will make some worse off
  • They've offered just 0.5% more this year

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Who will be on selective strike?

The selected groups were chosen for maximum effect on the Council with minimum effect on the public.

At this stage (there will be two phases) In Edinburgh, the selected groups are likely to include, Finance Cash Collection, Property Management Front Counter staff, Planning Reception, Corporate Secretarial services to City Development Directorate, Security Chesser House, Building Support, City Chambers, District Court Admin, Licensing Services, Building Support staff Council HQ,

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About UNISONNews

The views expressed in UNISON News are not necessarily those of UNISON City of Edinburgh Branch or the union.

All articles/comments to John Stevenson, Communications Officer at 0131 220 5655

P&P by UNISON City of Edinburgh Local Government & Related Sectors Branch, 23 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EN

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