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September 1998 No 19

* Get Briefed on The Reality of Best Balue

* Best Value means the council must..

* Grounds Maintenance
Quality back on agenda

* More tribunal wins as employers fail to talk

* Campaign to highlight quality in Grounds Maintenance bids

Staff left in dark in asbestos scare

* Scottish employers pull out of national deals

* Calling home helps

* Best Value task group

* Still waiting for Single Status agreement

* Big bad UNISON - we must be getting it right!

* Branch backs Steve Coulson appeal

* Gaps in harassment policy

* Election could mean more cuts

* On the Negotiating Line..

- More fairness in new sickness agreement

- Staff cuts harassment link

- Job share, part time overtime

* Wellington move

* Recognition fight at Trefoil

* Mail & Security Review hopes

* Womens Meeting to nominate Conference Delegates

* About UNISONNews

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