Who’s who

Stewards and OfficersContacts for departmental conveners, stewards and branch officers
Branch Office 0131 558 7488 – UNISON Direct 0845 355 0845
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Conveners and stewards

Communities and Families: Convener: Pauline Henderson, contact via 0131 558 7488

Resources: Convener: Tom Muir 0131 469 5914

Edinburgh Leisure: Contact Branch Office in meantime

Edinburgh College: Convener: Kevin Dixon, Edinburgh College.

Health & Social Care: Vacant

Chief Executive: Convener: Duncan Smith

Place: Convener: Tom Howarth 0131 558 7488

Valuation Joint Board: Convener: Jim Hood

Voluntary Sector: Amanda Kerr. Contact Branch Office

Branch Officers
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President: Kirsten Hey
Chair: Duncan Smith
Vice Chairs: Tom Muir, Caroline McLean
Treasurer: John Stevenson
Secretary: Tom Connolly
Asst Secretary: Vacant
Service Conditions:
Co-ordinator: Tom Connolly
Convener: David Harrold
Officers: Caroline McLean, Gerry Stovin, Ian Mullen.
Equalities: Peter Sharma
Health & Safety: Ian Mullen
Communications: John Stevenson
Education: Pam Gifford
International: Vacant
Welfare: Mike Smith/Caroline McLean
Recruitment/ Membership Services: Peter Sharma/Jim MacKenzie
Lifelong Learning Organiser: Vacant
Young Members: vacant
Auditors: Vacant
All are contactable via the Branch Office on 0131 558 7488