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AGM – Update

UNISON would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who attended last month’s 3 aggregate AGM’s. The active participation of these members helped us meet our required quorum and gives your trade union the mandate to move forward and act on your behalf. These meetings were well attended, and lively conversation and debate was had regarding each of the motions on the agenda. As a result of this, overwhelming support was given to each proposition, UNISON will now put into action the decisions made by our members with immediate effect. If you are not familiar with the motions (and rule changes) they can be found using this link:

These motions follow on from the success already achieved by UNISON in influencing the employer to do the right thing. In the last year:

  • Privatisation has been kept at bay
  • We have prevented our libraries and care homes from being closed open
  • Our workplace violence campaign has brought management to the table and is gaining momentum
  • And the living wage is finally going to be put in place at Edinburgh Leisure

All of this was achieved by members like you getting involved. We can be proud of this, but we cannot be complacent. It is only through our continued and combined efforts that we will make a difference. All that is asked of you is if UNISON organises a meeting in your area, please do everything you can to attend, if someone in your workplace is not a member of UNISON persuade them to join and if there is no local shop steward elect one.

2024 is going to be a difficult year for all of us but we pledge to you that UNISON will be active on all fronts and will fight tooth and nail for you and the essential services you provide. For there to be real power in these words you must understand that your trade union isn’t just those now put into post, it’s also you and your colleagues. Our strength is in our numbers, one voice can be ignored, 10,000 can’t.

This is your union, don’t leave it to someone else, you are the lifeblood of UNISON. Nothing changes when we leave action to others. Let’s stand together and make a difference.

David Harrold, Branch Secretary