Care Rally – Lifetime of Love, Equality and Respect – Request for UNISON support

UNISON have received a request for support at a rally organised by Who Cares Scotland, via the STUC. They are a Scotland member led charity for care experienced people in Scotland. Over the past few years, they’ve organised a dedicated rally for care experienced people and supporters, advocates and those working with them to celebrate the lives of care experienced people and those that support them whilst also demand change within the system for one that places Love, Equality and Respect at its core.

Who Cares are trying to build more links with unions and get some trade union support. If you’d like to support this event, then please see details on the attached flyer.

Eireann from the STUC will be addressing the rally this year as a care experienced young person and focusing on her trade union activism and the links between care leavers and care experienced people and the world of work/being active in the union.

She’ll be focusing on how the TU became her family and many of the people that have helped her grow, overcome adversity. Also, that the workers in social work, care and youth services supporting the most vulnerable young people also need to be valued in their pay and conditions. They too are part of a system that is failing them as workers and deserve to be paid better and treated with dignity. And why care leavers should join unions and what they bring to our movement/workplaces.

Ian Mullen
Branch Education Officer