Council must listen to public on saving services

With the revelation in today’s Evening News ( ) that 7 out of 10 of Edinburgh residents would rather pay more in tax than lose services, UNISON has called on the Council to listen to the public properly and abandon the ‘fixed’ consultation.

“The Council’s leading questions are designed to lure people into saying which cuts should happen (the ones the Council wants) rather than being allowed to say they don’t want any cuts in essential services and the systems that back up those services”, said John Stevenson, Edinburgh UNISON vice-president.

“Leading economists – more importantly, the ones who actually predicted the recession – have been arguing for ages that the way to get the country working is to invest in services, invest in jobs and that will bring investment in the private sector. All that will bring us out of the recession and give us the means to tackle the debt.

“Cut after cut will just create more problems, more unemplyment, less tax, bringing another recession and even more cuts”, he warned.

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