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Instructions for Electing a Shop Steward

The stronger we are as a union, the better equipped we are to support our members and organise at local and national level to improve the working lives of everyone.  It is important to get people to join the union to build its strength but it is also equally important to ensure that members get more involved in their union to give themselves and their colleagues the ability to influence what happens to them at their place of work.  That is why it is essential to elect a shop steward in your workplace.  Stewards are a vital link between the unions and its members, ensuring that the members’ views are heard by the union and also enables the stewards to take back crucial information from the union to the members.

UNISON’s aim is to have one steward in every workplace.

All current stewards’ terms of office finish at the end of December 2021 and elections must be held for our stewards for 2022 (as per national and branch rules).  These elections must be held and the branch notified by the end of December 2021.  All current stewards will automatically cease to be stewards unless re-elected by that date.  You can be elected at any time of the year but the initial elections take place NOW so that departmental delegations are in place by the AGM.

If this is something which you may be interested in, please hold your workplace meeting as soon as possible or should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact the branch office.

NB: Normally a workplace meeting would need to be arranged with your colleagues for you to be elected. Due to COVID-19 and to ensure the safety of members virtual meetings will be held, support with arranging these is available from the Branch Office 0131 558 7488. 

Full training and support is given to shop stewards and time off to attend training and trade union meetings (as per council agreement on Time Off and Provision of Facilities for Trade Union Representatives – see Council’s Orb for full details).  If you work for any other employer other than City of Edinburgh Council, time off facilities to carry out trade union duties may vary.