Let us hear your views on the pay offer

PAY OFFER: Negotiators to seek more talks and ballot to follow in January 2013.
Local Government branches met on 30 November and heard that Local Government employers had made an offer of 1% from 1 April 2013. If after the 1% is applied, there are staff who fall below the ‘Living Wage’, this will be brought up to £7.50 an hour from 1 April 2013. The offer also calls for a ‘working party’ on pay for 2014/15 and on ‘flexible and adaptable’ working practices.

While the ‘Living Wage’ elements is welcome, the offer falls below what is needed to keep pace with inflation. Local Government workers have gone through a pay freeze at a time when inflation averaged 5%, food prices have been going up by 7% a year and energy prices by 15%.

The offer was made outside the normal bargaining procedures and negotiators will seek, along with the other unions, to open proper negotiations and consult members via a ballot in January 2013. They will return to a Recall Conference on 11th Jan to report on progress. Make sure your steward has your views on the offer!

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  1. One percent is insult after two years pay freeze.its not accepted.£500 for under £21000 salary and 2 percent above £21000.

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