Privatisation public consultation 27 June 6pm Augustine Church

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The City of Edinburgh Council is considering bids for the privatisation of large swathes of local council services. The largest ever single privatisation of services in Scotland.

  • There has been no public consultation on the privatisation plans.
  • There is no public information available on the supposed financial benefits.
  • The public has no access to information on service plans and changes.
  • The council has not assessed social, economic or environmental issues
The preferred bidder for two major contracts will be announced on 25th August 2011. Edinburgh is on the eve of wholesale privatisation. In the absence of any statutory consultation UNISON has organised a public meeting at which each political party will be invited to debate the case for privatisation with the citizens of Edinburgh. We invite members of the public to submit questions for the council to address. Have YOUR say in the future of YOUR city!
Here are ten key questions which have emerged already:-
1. What is the evidence that privatisation of this type has succeeded elsewhere?
2. How will services change? What impact will privatisation have on service quality?
3. What lessons have been learned from the Tram project? And from the failed Care and Support tendering exercise?
4. Will complaining about a service to councillors have any effect on the behaviour of  the contractor?
5. How will the private companies reduce carbon emissions and improve the environment?
6. Will the contractors protect local jobs? and help create jobs and training for unemployed youngsters?
7. How will the companies ensure equal access to services regardless of age, disability, race or gender?
8. When will the council do an environmental assessment?
9. Will I still be able to talk to Council staff or will my contact be through a website?
10. When will the council consult with the people of Edinburgh on all these issues?