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Remember Bhopal on the 38th Anniversary

Tonight marks the 38th anniversary of the Bhopal Gas Disaster. After nearly four decades of hardship the Bhopal survivors, living in some of the poorest communities on earth, continue their struggle for justice against one of the world’s largest corporations. This evening thousands of survivors will travel to Delhi to petition the Government to update the death and injury figures in the curative petition pending in the Supreme Court of India, to ensure that, if and when justice is done, no survivor is left uncounted. Before boarding the trains, they will hold their annual candlelit vigil in Neelam Park in memory of all those survivors, activists, friends, and family members who have lost their lives during the long struggle for justice and dignity. Despite everything they have endured, their dancing flame has not gone out. Tonight, wherever you are in the world, we ask you to light a candle along with them and take a moment to remember Bhopal. Together, we can preserve our planet and the magic and mystery of life.

Remember Bhopal on the 38th Anniversary (