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Shielding – Pause, Individual Risk Assessments

On Thursday 30th July 2020 the First Minister announced that shielding would be paused on the 1st August 2020. This will therefore create opportunities for some and on the other hand raise peoples anxieties about the possibility of returning to work.

If you, or anyone you know had been in the shielding category, UNISON is clear that there should be no return to work until there has been an individual risk assessment carried out.

The employer presented us with an updated Individual risk assessment template that they plan to use, this came to us with very short notice to provide meaningful or considered feedback. We will work with this at this time and will monitor its effectiveness.  If you are asked to return to work you must not do this until the individual risk assessment is carried out and that there is complete clarity about your safety to return, it could be the case that the assessment may have to be followed up with communication to your GP and or occupational health, the employer must not expect you to return if there is any potential risk.

Since the beginning of lockdown and on the matter of workplaces opening in the future; we have been and continue to fully engaged with the employers, ensuring that all workplaces have up to date risk assessments and making it clear that all staff in a particular workplace have been consulted and involved, with the exception of CEC Health and Social Care, all departments have constructively and positively engaged with us.

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact Branch Office

Tom Connolly, Branch Secretary