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Sign the petition: Universal free school meals should be extended to all children and young people in Scotland

The STUC Women’s Committee is calling on the Scottish Government to expand Universal free school meals to all children and young people, including those of secondary school and nursery age.

In a letter to the First Minister STUC Women’s Committee Chair Brenda Carson said:

“Poverty and inequality were already at an unacceptably high level in Scotland before the Coronavirus pandemic struck, and the STUC Women’s Committee have grave concerns that such socio-economic disadvantage has only intensified, especially for children and women.

“We strongly believe that the introduction of Universal Free School Meals will not only help to combat hunger and poverty but will shatter the stigma and shame associated with the provision of meals on a means tested basis and will fuel young people’s ability to learn in the classroom.

“Our children and young people’s life chances cannot be put on hold – immediate policy action is required now.”

Sign the petition and email the First Minister here