Thousands in Edinburgh demand peace for Gaza

Thousands turned out on in Edinburgh on Saturday to demand an end to the killing in Gaza. The Edinburgh UNISON banner was there as the rally at the Mound moved along Princes Street for a minute’s silence and ended at Bute House, the First Minister’s official residence.

Edinburgh UNISON banner – Tom Connolly

Hundreds also gathered in Aberdeen in the fourth consecutive week of demonstrations in the city. More than 60,000 also rallied in London. Malcolm Chisholm MSP and Aamer Anwar were among the speakers at the Edinburgh rally.

pic Tom Connolly

After 19 days of bombardment from Israel, the death toll in Gaza passed. UNICEF estimates that one in three civilian deaths are children under 18. Whole families have been wiped out. On 23 July, a UN statement said: “One child has been killed in Gaza every hour for the past two days.”

pic Active Stills

As we post this blog, news is coming in of huge demonstrations in Israel itself against the attacks on Gaza. The Active Stills collective of Israeli, International & Palestinian photographers is tweeting photos of Israeli demonstrators lighting candles against Gaza victims names in a ceremony of apology in Tel Aviv. It is also reporting a ‘Stop the War’ demonstration by the Communist party of Israel.

pic Johanna Blythman

At least there was BBC coverage of today’s Edinburgh event, although it greatly underestimated the numbers. Astonishingly, STV was tweeting that there was some kind of protest going on in Edinburgh but it didn’t seem to know what it was!

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