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UNISON National LGBT+ Conference 2023

UNISON’s LGBT+ Conference 2023 will be held at the ACC Liverpool Conference Centre, from 1:30pm on Friday 10th November until 1:20pm on Sunday 12th November 2023.

All delegates and visitors to LGBT+ Conference must self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender plus UNISON members.

The Branch is entitled to send up to 10 delegates of which 7 should be female.

Branches sending 4 or more delegates must include a low paid female (£11.19 per hour). Branches sending 5 or more delegates must include a young member (age 30 or under).

Any member who would wish to attend should note their interest to Monica.Niven@unison-edinburgh.org.uk or call the branch office on 0131 558 7488 by 5pm on Tuesday 1st August 2023. 

Should there be more than one statement of interest for any of the seats an election of delegates will take place at the Branch Committee meeting scheduled at 2:30pm on Wednesday 2nd August.