UNISON and the other trades unions at Blindcraft have vowed to fight the closure of its renowned beds factory in Edinburgh as they join with workers to lobby the City of Edinburgh Council meeting on 18 November.

UNISON understands the City of Edinburgh Council’s Lib Dem /SNP Administration is to push for the closure of Blindcraft at the meeting.

Kevin Duguid, UNISON lead negotiator, said: “The closure plans are being pushed through despite the unions positively engaging with the Council over Blindcraft’s future and coming up with proposals, including a reduced working week, which would hugely reduce the deficit the organization faces”.

Many of those losing their jobs are people with disabilities who will find it incredibly difficult to get another job and to cope with a huge upheaval to their daily life.

“These are skilled staff who make a quality product that is more than a match for its competitors”, added Mr Duguid.

“Unions and council officials met last week with the Minister for Enterprise, Jim Mather but this failed to address the reality of the position Blindcraft is in and concentrated more on nice words and platitudes than any help that could be offered.

“Nothing constructive emerged from that meeting, but if the Scottish Government are serious about supporting people with disabilities to be part of mainstream society they must put their money where their mouth is and support places like Blindcraft”, said Mr Duguid.

There will be a lobby of the Council Meeting on Thursday at 9.30am which Blindcraft Staff will attend and the unions will be calling for the Council to reject closure and work with all stakeholders including the Scottish Government to safeguard the future of Blindcraft .

Check out the website for full details http://www.unison-edinburgh.org.uk/