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Why join us?

Hi – I’m Don Naismith and am privileged to be a new Branch member.  I want to share with you why I think you might also want to get involved:

…mostly I think because I hear so many people say they need to reconnect with what they care about in their work.  Could you:

  • Influence, shape and inform what our work looks like?
  • Learn through UNISON training, campaigning and activities?
  • Support colleagues facing challenges and discrimination?
  • Campaign against cuts and service closures?

And which options could you work around your routine:

  • Seek opportunities through our revitalised website and newsletters?
  • Share your story/ideas?
  • Become a local or Branch rep?
  • …or join a group…

Why groups?

Groups are one way UNISON organises.  I am part of the LGBT+ group and we organise our own meets and set our own priorities.  Sometimes we just chat – but we also lobby for change – in both the Council and the Union.

I find LGBT+ progress painfully slow, so I’m looking to work with more LGBT+ members and allies to push for real progress – and counter Right media hate and misinformation.  We also lobby the UNISON LGBT+ conference, in Edinburgh 18-20 November.  If you’d like to attend, let me know.

And here are the dates for our self-organised groups – if you’re LGBT+ and interested in attending any of these, let me know and I’ll send invites:

  • 15 Sept – 1730-1900 at the Mandela Room, City Chambers, High Street, Edinburgh
  • 28 Sept – 1200-1300 – TEAMs lunchtime gathering
  • 12 Oct – 1730-1900 at the Mandela Room, City Chambers, High Street, Edinburgh
  • 26 Oct – 1200-1300 – TEAMs lunchtime gathering
  • Later meetings to be mutually agreed

Representing everyone

Standby for more on our other groups – Women – Black – Young People – People with Disabilities – LGBT+ and Retired Members.   Want to get involved?  Or develop into a Branch role eg Steward, H&S or Equality Rep?

We also want our Branch to accurately represent our diverse membership – so are keen to have more women and young members in Branch roles.  There’s amazing opportunities here, particularly to rekindle what we most care about.

Curious?  Let us know…

Edinburgh Branch