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Stewards will be holding meeting to consult members on the Employers' imposition of 0.65% this year with a pay freeze ... Read More
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UN September 2010


As Connaught's administrators try to get services brought back in house, questions are asked about the firm's accountancy methods. This ... Read More
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UN Septemnber 2010

UNISON News September 2010

DEBT-RIDDEN PRICE-FIXING. COLLAPSE! Failed Contractor Passed ABM Finance Check. For years Connaught has been one of the largest private contractors - fixing prices ... Read More
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Leaflet September 2010

City’s not for sale September 2010

There is a Better Way... Speak up for your services Stop privatisation. Myths about the ‘crisis’. Five reasons to defend ... Read More
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City Not For Sale

Selling Edinburgh off will come at great cost to us all

Letter in Evening News 29/7/10 In an otherwise enlightening article on council funding and privatisation (Counting the cost of public ... Read More
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