Health & Safety Safety Matters: Protect Council Staff

SHE Reporting Guide

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In response to your feedback, UNISON City of Edinburgh are launching a crucial new resource to address workplace safety and violence. The Branch’s PDF guide clarifies the process for recording incidents, accidents, and near misses, ensuring every detail is accurately captured and outlines your entitlements and what happens next.

This initiative directly addresses the concerns raised in our recent Violence at Work Survey, where many of you reported a prevalence of violent incidents and gaps in the reporting process.

By following this guide, you help us enhance workplace safety, prevent future hazards, and highlight the true scope of the issue within education settings.

Download the guide now to ensure you and your colleagues are recording incidents correctly. Please share and contact the branch if you would like a large, printed copy for your setting.

If you have any questions or need support, please contact the branch at:

Raise it. Record it. Report it.