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Annual General Meeting 2022

Our Aggregate AGM on Tuesday 22nd & Thursday 24th February was slightly short of the number of members needed to have a quorate AGM. This means that we will have to hold another meetings to meet the quorum requirements.

Thanks to all the members who did manage to attend on Tuesday and Thursday.

It is recognised that members are very busy and may struggle to attend for a variety of reasons.

Branch officers will meet to discuss the arrangements for the recall AGM at the beginning of next week. At this meeting we will consider the dates and how we want to hold the meetings. Consideration will be given to both virtual and face to face meetings.

We must have an AGM if the branch is to be able to represent you this year.

An AGM enables you to

  • Elect your officers for 2022
  • Make rule changes
  • Move motions on policy direction
  • Approve the financial statement
  • Hear updates on employment issues e.g., pay, workloads, health, and safety.
  • Updates on our Campaigning.
  • Enables members to share their experiences.

The dates and other arrangements for the recall AGM will be issued as soon as possible.