Communication Workers Union Demo 15th December 2022

Photo by Ian Mullen

UNISON City of Edinburgh branch continue to support our comrades in the CWU, as they continue their strike action to secure a decent pay claim. Branch activists joined hundreds of CWU and sister union members outside the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 15 December, which coincided with First Minister questions.

Striking workers and supporters heard from CWU officials, Roz Foyer, STUC General Secretary and cross party MSPs, as they condemned the actions taken by senior managers of the Post Office, following the suspension of several CWU trade union representatives.

Photo by Ian Mullen

They condemned the derogative pay offer made to postal workers, who were categorised as essential workers during the pandemic and highlighted the important role that the local “postie” has in their communities.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that the Post Office made profits in excess of £150million in the last financial year, with massive endorsements made to senior managers who have been backed by the UK Government that support the privatisation of the Postal Service. Further industrial action has been confirmed and we will continue to show our support and solidarity to our CWU brothers and sisters, said Ian Mullen, Branch Health and Safety Officer.

Photo Ian Mullen