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Festival of International Solidarity on Leith Links, Saturday 25 June, 2-4pm

This will be a public show of international solidarity with Ukrainians along with all people forced to become refugees. Many are escaping other war zones such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Further reasons for flight are political repression, ethnic cleansing, economic crisis and climate change.

All refugees should be made welcome. Governments should not use immigration legislation that discriminates between them or makes their lives more difficult than they already are. This event is designed to reaffirm that our common humanity means all deserve equal and dignified treatment.

If you would like to help or participate there are a number of things you could do such as:

1)     bring a stall to publicise and promote your organisation

2)     encourage those you are in contact with to come along

3)     speak at the open session that will be taking place throughout

We would be happy to discuss any thoughts or suggestions you might have. Below is the graphic we will be using for this.

You can contact the TUC at OR phone/message 07596 139806

You can also register for this event at: