News Press release

More needs to be done to protect school staff from harm, says UNISON City of Edinburgh

Commenting on news reports of fights breaking out between parents at Ferryhill Primary School, UNISON has denounced the actions as intolerable and are demanding that more must be done to protect all staff, parents and pupils from the threat of violence at work.

UNISON Edinburgh City branch secretary, Tom Connolly said: “This is a serious situation, which we have been working with stakeholders to ensure all pupils, parents and staff are safe. It is not acceptable that staff regularly feel threatened at work. We can’t allow any aggressive behaviour towards anyone in our school.”

“UNISON, with other unions, has been trying to find a solution for some months. We are working together with the head teacher, who is extremely supportive, the police and local authority. We are doing everything we can to support staff and parents.

“The unions have met with senior leaders at Edinburgh Council and requested community police to support staff at the beginning and end of the school day when the behaviours are at their worst. We are also looking to see if a voluntary sector family support organisation can provide help.”

“UNISON will continue to work collaboratively over the summer, with the school management team, city councillors and others, to ensure pupils, parents and staff can return to a safe environment for learning.”