Support for Barnet privatisation fight

The Branch has sent a message of support to UNISON members on strike in Barnet today against massive privatisation plans which would transfer the majority of the staff out of the Conservative led Council. The text of the message is below…..

UNISON City of Edinburgh Branch sends best wishes to Barnet UNISON members on your action today.

Our branch has been following your campaign closely and we continue to be inspired by the imagination, tenacity and commitment you have shown in fighting these ridiculous plans to privatise your council services.

As we pointed out during our own campaign, councillors do not own these services, they are merely custodians of them for the community. They have no right to embark on wholesale sell-offs which will affect generations to come.

Privatisation is wrong in principle. The motivation for providing services to the public should be public service not private profit. It is made all the worse when the dice are so loaded against any public service option. We know that from our campaign in Edinburgh. We also know you face even worse.

Our campaign has seen services stay in house in Edinburgh but we also know we will need to carry on campaigning to keep it that way. We know you face a harder fight in Barnet against a strident political dogma that does not understand the concept of public service.

We send your our best wishes and solidarity and offer any support we can in your fantastic campaign.

John Stevenson
UNISON Edinburgh Branch

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