Black Members Events

UNISON Year of the Black Worker Presentation 3rd May 2023

February’s Scottish Council meeting saw the launch of UNISON Year of the Black Worker. Each branch has been asked to commit to making this campaign as successful as last year’s Year of the Disabled Worker.

City of Edinburgh branch has committed to surveying all our members, encourage the calling out of any form of discrimination, identifying areas of concerns, encouraging all our branch representatives to participate in the new challenging racism education course and invite speakers to future Branch Committee meetings.

Ian Mullen, branch education officer, is pictured with Zia Hussain, Black Members Committee at the April’s STUC conference in Dundee, as part of this year’s campaign.

Kay McKerrell, Black Members Committee, made a fantastic presentation at our Branch Committee meeting on the 3rd May 2023,

Please look out for future activities and contact the branch office if you would like to get more involved in the Year of the Black Worker campaign.