Press Releases

UNISON lobby against ‘silent slaughter’ of council services

Edinburgh UNISON will lobby the City of Edinburgh Council budget meeting on Thursday 21 January 2016 from 08.45-9.45 against 2,000 ... Read More

Council makes UNISON Ethical Care Charter pledge

The council has signed up to a pledge saying: "The City of Edinburgh Council endorses the principles of the UNISON ... Read More

Twin demos on 29 Oct in Edinburgh and Glasgow against cuts

Trade Unions including UNISON, community groups and anti-cuts organisations are gearing up for twin demonstrations in Edinburgh and Glasgow on ... Read More

Edinburgh services face meltdown as UNISON fears over 3,000 job losses and privatisation

UNISON fears that over 3,000 jobs - one in every six Edinburgh council staff and three times as many jobs ... Read More

UNISON welcomes decision in Edinburgh social work contempt of court case

UNISON Scotland today welcomed the decision by the Court of Session that the conduct of social workers in Edinburgh City ... Read More


UNISON has condemned Edinburgh council for gambling with jobs and services as it sets out plans today to sell off ... Read More

Edinburgh citizens to get ‘long overdue’ chance to quiz politicians on privatisation. Hustings 15 August

Edinburgh citizens will get a 'long overdue' chance to quiz politicians about the council's privatisation plans at a public meeting ... Read More

Threatened Staff Win UK Award. If It Ain’t Broke – Don’t Fix It

Staff at the City of Edinburgh Council, who face wholesale privatisation, have just received a UK award for delivering efficiencies ... Read More

No council worker gambled millions on the stock exchange. Why should they have to pay the price of cuts in Edinburgh? – UNISON

UNISON members who deliver Edinburgh's services will lobby the Council meeting from 08.30 till 10.00 on Thursday 11 February against ... Read More

Care tender fiasco shows need to halt outsourcing plans till Council can justify figures – UNISON

In the wake of the £250,000 wasted on the flawed bid to re-tender care services for vulnerable people, UNISON's Edinburgh ... Read More