UNISON NEC Elections – Use your vote!

UNISON’s NEC Election ballot opened on 17 April  and runs to the 19th May. This is the largest election within UNISON, taking place every two years, where every member takes part in electing the most senior body of activists in the union.

Please don’t waste your right to decide and cast your vote.

As a member led union every member has a vote on who they elect to represent us at a national level.

All full members who were on the union’s membership register as of 17 January 2023 , will be entitled to vote in this election. As this is a statutory ballot, governed by the law, voting can only be done by a ballot paper sent to the members’ home addresses.

Full details on NEC elections can be found on the national UNISON website: https://magazine.unison.org.uk/2023/04/11/electing-the-next-nec/

UNISON City of Edinburgh Branch has nominated the following candidates:

Scotland Region
Ian Mullen – General Seat
Mary McCusker – Female Seat
Maggie Maguire – Female Seat
Jim McFarlane – General Seat
Lyn-Marie O’Hara – Reserved Seat

Community Service Group
Kevin Jackson – General Seat
Saoirse Fanning – Female Seat

Local Government Service Group
Antoinette Solera – General Seat
Jane Doolan – Female Seat
Andrea Egan – Female Seat
David Jones – Male Seat

Black Members Group
Shazziah Rock – Female Seat
April Ashley – Female Seat
Hugo Pierre – Male Seat
Julia Mwaluke – Reserved Seat

Disabled Members Group
Andrew Berry – General Seat
Tara Thomas – Female Seat

Young Members
Sam Harris – General Seat
Alejandra Navarro – Female Seat